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Year of publication:    [1994 - 2003]    [2004 - 2015], November 10, 2003
10 secrets of successful offshore software development
A large percentage of American companies are already utilizing offshore software development or considering doing it soon.
By Nari Kannan

CNSNews.con, September 3, 2003
Russia Joins Offshore IT Mainstream
The Russian offshore software services industry has been building a solid and growing client base over the past few years, as more companies seek to reduce costs by using Russian IT resources, according to a report by the Boston-based Aberdeen Group.
by Sergei Blagov, correspondent

InfoWorld, June 25, 2003
Russia poised to benefit from outsourcing
The IT offshore outsourcing market is far from saturated and Russia is poised to become a major market player if it can overcome Western prejudices, speakers at the opening of Eastern Europe's largest outsourcing conference said Wednesday.
By Michael Mainville

WebProNews, June 20, 2003
Why Offshore Your Software And Web Development?
Although you may not hear much about it - many of products developed and marketed by some leading American companies are, in reality, developed abroad, or developed by foreign workers employed locally.
by Marty R. Milette

Computerworld, May, 2003
Harvard event showcases Russia as outsourcing site
The sophistication of Russian programmers allows the country to occupy a "niche" in the IT outsourcing market
by Paul Roberts, IDG News Service

CNET, May 26, 2003
Outsourcing guides see green offshore
"We believe every company can outsource offshore," said Vashistha. "The question is, how much should you do?"
By Ed Frauenheim

ZDNet News, February 20, 2003
More IT firms look overseas to cut costs
Market research firm Giga Information Group is forecasting a boom in overseas outsourcing for the U.S. information technology industry.
By Ed Frauenheim

New Architect Daily Magazine, February 2003
Offshore Outsourcing
Navigating the global IT market
By Neil McAllister

Outsourcing Journal, January 2003 Forecast Issue
The Expanding Territory of Offshore Outsourcing
By Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer, Steve Parrino, Business Writer

Datamation, December 17, 2002
5 Top Trends in Offshore Outsourcing
By Drew Robb, November 08, 2002
Before You Conduct Offshore Outsourcing
By Imran Hameed, September 12, 2002
Offshore development gains pace
The market for offshore developments, dominated by India for the past few years, is gathering pace says Gartner in its latest assessment of development services.
By Jack Of Hearts, June 26, 2002
Global Outsourcing Strategies to India - the path to business enlightenment?
One of the latest business fashions has been to outsource troublesome IT to Indian companies full of Far Eastern promise. This little sung activity has now become a $6b business with potentially huge consequences for the IT industry.
By Paul Pickup

ComputerWorld Canada, February 22, 2002
Offshore development can save money
By Poonam Khanna

Information Week, February 11, 2002
Offshore Outsourcing Grows To Global Proportions
By Larry Greenemeier

ComputerWorld, January 21, 2002
GM Drives Application Development Offshore
Automaker uses programmers in India for the first time to speed up Web project.
By Lee Copeland

Connect-World Eastern-Europe, First Issue 2002
Outsourcing Software Projects to Russia
by Arcady Khotin

Outsourcing Journal, December, 2001
How the September 11 Attacks Changed Offshore Outsourcing
By Beth Ellyn Rosenthal, Editor, October 22, 2001
Balancing Act
By Laton McCartney

MSNBC, September, 2001
Can Russia's techies mimic India?
Fledgling "offshore programming" firms pop up and prosper
By Rebecca Santana, MSNBC contributor

Darwin Magazine, August, 2001
Classic Outsourcing Blunders
...regardless of why you outsource, mistakes happen and often enough for us to compile a list of five classic outsourcing blunders
By Lauren Gibbons Paul

Russia Aims to Rival India As World Outsourcing Leader

JavaWorld, July, 2001
Take Java offshore
In this article, Loren Siebert examines outsourcing Java software development to countries such as India, Russia, or Mexico. Often referred to as offshore outsourcing in the industry, this development strategy continues to gain favor with companies creating Java software.
By Loren Siebert

Research-Technology Management, 2001
Is Russia Developing a Commercial Culture for High Technology?
Russia inherited from the Soviet Union a strong tradition in natural science and an impressive educational system devoted largely to the natural and technical sciences.
By Irina Dezhina and Loren Graham

Computing, July 12, 2001
Firms look offshore to cut budgets
By Hazel Ward

IDG News Service, Amsterdam Bureau, July 06, 2001
Russia struggles in India's shadow for outsourcing
By Joris Evers

InfoWorld, June 11, 2001
Offshore outsourcing
By Loretta W. Prencipe

International Herald Tribune, Monday, May 28, 2001
Russia Takes Advantage of Brain Power at Home
By John Varoli

Computerworld, April 30, 2001
Outsourcers Begin to Tap Russian Talent
By Maria Trombly

IDG News Service, San Francisco Bureau, March 16, 2001
From Russia with code
By Ashlee Vance

Cutter Consortium, January 25, 2001
By Eric Buel, 2001
An interview with Yuri Lee, the head of LG Soft Lab, a St.-Petersburg-based branch of LG Electronics
Yuri (Jue Haeng) Lee, the head of LG Soft Lab: "Russia has very talented software engineers"

Carmel University publications, December 2000
Russia: Software Development
Due to the high level of educated Russians, especially in math and engineering, the flourishing of software programming in the Russian Federation is not so surprising.
By Timothy H Clinton

Intel Press Release, June 23, 2000
Intel Establishes Software Development Center In Russia
Intel Corporation today announced the establishment of a Software Development Center based in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Information Week, June 12, 2000
Offshore Outsourcing Nears Critical Mass
The IT talent shortage in the United States is driving more companies to use overseas developers
By Drew Robb

Cutter Consortium, March 7, 2000
By Cutter Consortium

Cutter Consortium, February 29, 2000
By Cutter Consortium

Information Week, September 7, 1998
IT Looks Offshore
U.S. companies look for more help from foreign programmers
By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

CIO Magazine, February 1, 1997
Studying the world's software development trends can help CIOs make the grade
By Howard A. Rubin

Byte, June 1994
Software Goes Global
It's a brave new world for software development out there today - in fact, it's the whole world, producing and purchasing software
By Russell Kay

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