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Global Information Technology Outsourcing: In Search of Business Advantage
By: Mary C. Lacity, Leslie P. Willcocks
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2000
This book has the potential to become the definitive book on the many dimensions of outsourcing as it matures into a complex, multi-faceted phenomenon. IT outsourcing is still the subject of considerable concern for all stakeholders involved in this area. Written by two internationally acclaimed researchers in this area, this book represents the most definitive research and best practice base so far on the organizational pursuit of IT outsourcing. This study is based on research with 75 worldwide organizations including Dupont, British Aerospace and BP Exploration. Authors offer from the evidence gathered the best practice through this complex and ever-developing market

The IT Outsourcing Guide
By: Rob Aalders
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2001
The outsourcing of IT is currently a "hot topic" internationally and yet guidebooks on how, rather than whether or not to implement this difficult process are rare despite the serious consequences of mistakes: the costs of switching back to an in-house operation are emotionally and financially high. The IT Outsourcing Guide provides invaluable, practical advice to both guide the novice and inform the veteran on how to effectively navigate through the IT outsourcing minefield once they have decided this is the route their business needs to take. The approach suggested is top-down and leads from business goals through contracting to ongoing management, with contributions from key employees of large international companies such as: Commonwealth Bank, Royal & Sun Alliance, Booz.Allen & Hamilton, PA Consulting and IDG.

Intelligent IT outsourcing: eight building blocks to success
By: Sara Cullen, Leslie Willcocks
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Year: 2003
Intelligent IT Outsourcing enables practitioners to focus in on the essential issues that need to be addressed so that the fundamental structure of their sourcing strategy and its implementation is sound. The authors provide insight into the challenges likely to be faced and give detailed advice on how to pre-empt and manage these. IT and outsourcing continue to be problematic, not least because fundamental learning about this subject fails to be applied systematically, and because IT is inherently difficult to manage. The economics are not obvious and emerging technologies have to be addressed, therefore IT goes to the heart of many enterprises and interfaces with multiple business units and processes, and there are continuous skills shortages.

Successful IT Outsourcing
By: Sparrow, Elizabeth
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2003
Outsourcing permeates the IT world and has had a profound impact on the work of IS professionals. Nearly all will, at some stage in their careers, work with outsourced services as customer or supplier. Elizabeth Sparrow's insights into the benefits and pitfalls of this complex area will help IS professionals tackle the challenges of outsourcing. Combining relevant background information with practical guidance this book covers the whole outsourcing process, from the initial decision to outsource through to managing the outsourced services on a day-to-day basis.

Voyage East: An Executives' Guide to Offshore Outsourcing
By: Prashant Dubey
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Year: 2003
The first piece of work helping an executive understand offshore technology outsourcing as more than low labor costs. The author masterfully outlines the offshore outsourcing decision process in the context of a voyage. The destination is reached by understanding the reason for the voyage, setting objectives for the voyage, establishing the proper voyage strategy and selecting the best voyage guide. This is a must read for every executive that knows that offshore technology outsourcing is not a question of "if" but "when."

Offshore Outsourcing: Business Models, ROI and Best Practices
By: Marcia Robinson, Ravi Kalakota
Publisher: Mivar Press
Year: 2004
Offshore Outsourcing: Business Models, ROI, and Best Practices is a comprehensive guide to the real-world application of offshore outsourcing across all industries. Authors Marcia Robinson and Dr. Ravi Kalakota give you an in-depth analysis of offshore outsourcing. They discuss what is behind this trend, how it is paying off, and, most importantly, provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can implement your own offshore strategy. Based on extensive research and interviews, this book offers insight into how managers of leading firms are implementing offshore outsourcing. You will find plenty of practical tips and tools to apply offshore outsourcing in a wide variety of business environments.

The Outsourcing Revolution : Why It Makes Sense and How to Do It Right
By: Michael Corbett
Publisher: Dearborn Trade Publishing
Year: 2004
The Outsourcing Revolution provides clear guidance on how to evaluate and implement outsourcing projects. No other book offered both the framework for understanding what works and why along with the details needed to put those ideas into action - this one did. I bought a number of books currently available and found this to be the most comprehensive.

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