Business Model

This section describes Intelligence-Soft business relations with clients including procedures of establishing an agreement, pricing models, rates and payments, communication, security and copyright issues.

establishing an agreement

The procedure of establishing an agreement usually consists of following simple steps:

1 Client sends us a project proposal.
2 We prepare a contract that covers things like job content, milestones, copyright issues, rates, etc.
3 Once both parties agree to the contract, signed copies are exchanged via fax or express mail.
4 We prepare the necessary project documentation (if not supplied by you): functional specifications, development and test plans, and the like.
5 We proceed according to agreed project documentation until the contract is fulfilled.

Of course, in a particular case this scheme could be altered for the convenience of our customers. For instance, the customer could prefer to break down large projects into a series of small contracts. In some cases it might be good idea to start a huge or middle-range task with a short pilot project that will prove that we have necessary expertise to fulfill entire task. Pilot project is also very useful if the customer is still in the process of finalizing the detailed specification of the task. In this case pre-project stage is necessary to itemize requirements.

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Each contract with our client typically contains confidentiality obligations protecting business and technical information from the disclosure to any third parties. In addition, if the character of the job requires an access to client's proprietary materials that client would like to protect even more strictly then we are ready to sign (and follow!) specific non-disclosure agreement (NDA). To protect electronic transmissions, we use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and various encryption software.


The customer owns the copyright on the code that is developed under the contract. Any other portions of the code and background technologies that are owned by our company, such as components previously developed for our own use, are licensed to the customer.

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