Business Model - Communication

Communication between client company personnel and remote development team is one of the most important factors of success in offshore software development. At least two essential components must be considered when we are talking about communication:

Each of Intelligence-Soft developers and project managers has good communication skills including the knowledge of one or more foreign languages, understanding of cultural differences, willingness to maintain continuous dialogue with clients. To improve their communication skills our employees participate in special trainings.

The following facilities may be used for the communication with our office in St.Petersburg: phone, fax, express mail (DHL, TNT), and various Internet-based communication technologies from traditional e-mail and FTP to contemporary software for working groups ("groupware").
Our local network is connected with Internet by means of broadband dedicated connection thus giving a chance to use nearly all possible communication technologies including audio and video conferencing. If necessary we are ready to establish Virtual Private Networks (VPN) with our clients.

One more very important communication tool is our web-based Project Management System. It arms our developers and our clients with convenient and easy-to-use tools for task monitoring, bug reporting, project-related discussions, shared document and source code storages and much more. Visit Intelligence-Soft Project Management System web site for more details.

If necessary, INTELLIGENCE-SOFT executives and engineers may visit the customer’s office and the customers may visit ours. It would give us much pleasure to welcome our clients in St.Petersburg – one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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