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Development of application software for mobile platforms is the fastest growing trend in these recent years. Companies are actively implementing enterprise software solutions based on various mobile devices - smartphones or portable tablet computers. Two most important areas where implementation of mobile software solutions brings significant competitive advantages are:

Both mentioned types of mobile applications typically interact with corporate information systems - e-shop backoffices, enterprise databases, mail servers, CRM and ERP systems, financial, mobile devices e-procurement or warehouse systems using protected internet connections and virtual private networks. It arms company clients with fastest and easiest way for making purchases and company employees with convenient working environment no matter how far from the office they travel.

The development of software applications for mobile platforms is similar to that for desktop computers however it has some specific features related with variety of operating systems and hardware architectures used in mobile devices. It means that developing mobile application, programmer must keep in mind that target device may have screen size and resolution varying within a very wide range, limited amount of memory, other hardware differences and finally, totally different operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows Phone to name a few. Accordingly, if the company that ordered the development of mobile software wishes to support various types of mobile devices (that is usually the case when application is intended for company clientele or for unlimited number of potential clients) then software engineer must use either special multi-platform development tools or write several versions of the same software - separate version for each supported operating system. Developer must also keep in mind possible differences in hardware and write the program in such a way that it would work equally good on various devices.

Obviously, the development of mobile applications requires special skills and technical expertise and finding right development team for your application may be a tricky task. Taking in account that mobile application development is rather new area of IT industry, market experiences serious lack of high-qualified software developers for mobile platforms in these latter days.

Fortunately our mobile application group is here and we are ready to undertake the development of corporate mobile applications for your company right now. Outsourcing the development efforts to an offshore development company is the best way to approach when it comes to mobile application development with prime focus on quality and IT expertise.

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