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Frost & Sullivan Commends STARTEK’S Vision in Introducing Customer Engagement Solutions Based on Scientific Communication Research
Santa Clara, CA United States - The STARTEK Advantage System offers a unique approach to Omnichannel, customer service, training, innovation, and analytics produces complete customer lifecycle care solutions [NYSE: SRT] - / 2017/08/07
Frost & Sullivan Acclaims Sciformix for Building Customer Loyalty through Intense Innovation and Quality SPO Services
Santa Clara, CA United States - Sciformix offers exceptional value-add services by combining scientific process excellence with innovative technology solutions - / 2017/03/13
Frost & Sullivan Lauds Teleperformance for its Continuing Dominance in the Latin American Nearshoring Services Market
Mountain View, CA United States - Rigorous procedures, deep understanding of client expectations, and a highly responsive company structure help the company outpace competition - / 2016/11/21
Smart Link and Six Clients Sweep Top Honours at Middle East Contact Centre Awards 2016
Dubai, UAE United Arab Emirates - Smart Link was recognized for its ongoing excellence in terms of customer services and providing unparalleled high quality services - 2016/10/07
Outsourcing Company Mobilunity Launches Time Management Android App 'Time Task'
Kiev, Ukraine - The native Android app for convenient time tracking is now available for free download on Google Play - 2016/09/02
PGBS Increases its Multilingual Call Center Support with the Addition of Regional Languages
Bengaluru, Karnataka India - PGBS a renowned name in sphere of providing call center solutions either multilingual or bilingual has now increased its multilingual call center support capabilities by providing support in more than 50 international as well as regional languages 2016/06/27
'Getting Digital Done' Neo Insights CxO Roundtable 2016 in Collaboration with Baker & McKenzie
Walnut, CA United States - CxO Roundtable on Getting Digital Done at New York City - 2016/02/17
Visionet Enhances Innovative Solution for PowerBuilder Modernization to J2EE
Cranbury, NJ United States - Visionet Systems, Inc. has announced the launch of its innovation solution that converts PowerBuilder to support the newer and preferred J2EE architecture - 2016/01/27
Frost & Sullivan Distinguishes Teleperformance Russia for its Innovative Solutions and Operational Excellence in the Customer Contact Outsourcing Mark
Mountain View, CA United States - Consistent service delivery, security protocols, and flexibility position Teleperformance Russia as a top market player - / 2016/01/25
Apple Pay® Now Available to Cardholders of ALINE Card by ADP® for an Easy, Secure and Private Way to Make Payments
Roseland, NJ United States - ADP® announced that ALINE cardholders can now pay with Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay - / 2016/01/07
Offshore Software Development

In recent years words "offshore software development" and "offshore outsourcing" became very popular among IT executives. Thousands of Internet sites and forums discuss various aspects of these ideas. However some people still poorly informed about an advantages and possible problems related with it. This section tries to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding the practice of offshore software development. If you have any questions, which you couldn’t find here, please, do not hesitate to contact us, INTELLIGENCE-SOFT managers would be happy to assist you.

First of all read detailed article on Offshore Research and Development taken from Wikipedia.

For those of our web site visitors who like to read, we prepared annotated list of most popular books on offshore software development and IT outsourcing.

We also found several articles from popular IT magazines discussing some pros and contras of offshore development and outsourcing. Some of these articles are telling also about successful examples of co-operation between Western and Russian companies.

And finally, browsing the Internet we found several definitions and phrases starting with "Offshore Software Development is...". Take a look at our collection:

Offshore Software Development in the IT world is the term most often used to describe the business of outsourcing software programming and engineering services beyond national boundaries. The three most common justifications for offshore development are cost avoidance, internationalization and inadequate supplies of domestic resources.
Offshore Software Development is the term most often used to describe outsourcing of software programming to facilities located in foreign countries with lower labor costs.
Offshore Software Development is a new trend in the information technology.
Offshore Software Development is becoming a part of the global it services industry mainstream.
Offshore Software Development is up to 50% cheaper than hiring of new personnel.
Offshore Software Development is growing as an overall market.
Offshore Software Development is an essential strategic tool for companies to gain that competitive advantage.
Offshore Software Development is the possibility to double or even triple the workforce for a time critical mission without exceeding the allocated budget.
Offshore Software Development is one of the world's fastest growing service industries.
Offshore Software Development is synonymous with flexibility as it provide customers with instant access to reasonably priced high educated human resources.
Offshore Software Development is quickly becoming the de facto standard.
Offshore Software Development is gaining popularity.
Offshore Software Development is a convenient and not expensive way of doing your projects in computer information technologies by skilled professionals from Russia.
Offshore Software Development is currently viewed by many companies as a feasible alternative or sometimes the only way out of the human resources crisis.
Offshore Software Development is a great opportunity to reduce costs on custom software development.
Offshore Software Development is a relatively new form of software outsourcing in which the client and the developer are in separate countries.
Offshore Software Development is a growing industry and provides several aspects of interest to the researcher.
Offshore Software Development is probably one of the best businesses actually.
Offshore Software Development is expected to grow rapidly as UK businesses seek to save money and bypass the skills shortage.
Offshore Software Development is completely beneficial to the US economy.
Offshore Software Development is quite popular now.
Offshore Software Development is all about how you can have your software developed offshore and save time and money in the process.

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