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Selected examples of software development projects completed in 2005-2006

The list below represents only a fraction of the projects completed by our software engineers in years 2005-2006. Information about many other projects is confidential and its divulgation is forbidden by non-disclosure agreements signed by Intelligence-Soft. We wish to express our sincere appreciation to those of our clients who allowed us to mention their projects at this web site.

E-commerce application

Year: 2005
E-commerce application screenshots Purpose: Automation of business processes for the company selling compo- nents for ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Customer: MC2Environmental Enginee- ring Services, USA

Description: For buyers purchasing goods, e-shop application provides database-driven products showcase, shopping cart and on-line credit card payment processing. Software calculates prices applying various types of discounts, surcharges and taxes depending upon the volume of order or upon the customer's location. Application also supports company internal business processes - maintenance of products database, billing, shipping, providing company personnel - sales managers and shipping clerks with secure and convenient environment for their daily work.
Programming languages and technologies used: - ASP, OLE DB, MS SQL Server.

Internet-based administrative tools for multi-platform system scheduler

Administrative tools screenshots Year: 2005
Purpose: Web-based software for the administration of multi-functional multi-platform system scheduler.
Customer: Soft Tree Technologies, USA.

Description: Intelligence-Soft software engineers developed web-based application for remote administration of advanced multi-platform system scheduler. It allows new users to build robust automation solutions in minutes using a library of pre-defined job templates and convenient Job Wizard supporting step-by-step creation of new jobs or modification of existing jobs. For advanced users it offers powerful scripting environment with extensive support for SQL, HTTP, FTP, DDE, RAS, TELNET, SSH, ZIP, E-mail functions (MAPI, SMTP, Lotus Notes), file replication, bulk file operations, database replication, and more. Two versions of administrative tools with exactly the same functionality and user interface were developed - one version is based upon Microsoft ASP technology, works on Windows servers (NT/2000/2003), and interacts with the scheduler by means of COM interface. Another version is based upon JSP technology, works on any server platform supporting Java (Windows/Linux/Unix) and interacts with the scheduler by means of Java interface.
Platforms supported: COM version - Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Java version - Windows, Linux, Unix with corresponding Java Virtual Machine and Application Server installed.
Programming languages and technologies used: ASP, COM, JSP, Java.

Orders Management Service Suit

Year: 2005
Purpose: Set of document flow applications for the wholesale company.

Description: Intelligence-Soft programmers in collaboration with Italian software house Sviluppo Impresa developed and implemented the set of software applications intended for the automation of Orders Management Service screenshots electronic documents flow within a big wholesale corporation. Customer has a large network of offices, warehouses and distribution centers located all over the country. Every day these offices process thousands of documents - orders, invoices, book-keeping documents and so forth. Order Management Service Suit works as a part of corporate document flow system and consists of following components:

Server-side NT service - executes a number of predefined jobs according to the schedule. Each job may include documents transportation to/from remote servers, documents conversion, merge and renaming, execution of OS commands and external programs.

Server-side GUI application (picture at the left) intended for the management of the jobs to be executed by Server-side NT service.

Client-side agent - GUI-less application running in background as NT service on client's computers. Monitors the arrival of new documents (orders) into the predefined directory. Once new document is arrived, transfers document to server, providing, if necessary, its conversion to another format, renaming and processing. On the whole Orders Management Service Suit works as electronic document transportation system between geographically distributed offices and provides client company with the chance to organize documents transfer between various legacy applications, which often have incompatible data formats.

Programming languages and technologies used: C#.NET, Remoting, DCOM, Visual C++.

Ground Search And Rescue Information System

Year: 2005
Purpose: Web-based mission entry database interface for ground search and rescue missions.

Web-based interface screenshots Description: Web-based application provides search and rescue service personnel with convenient working environment for mission data entry, review and analysis.

Information system accesses data stored in central database via Internet by means of web forms. To protect data from unauthorized access or modification, the application contains flexible role-based access control system. System administrator may create users and groups with various privilegies in the application.

Application includes reporting module that generates more than 15 types of reports. Each report contains sum-marized statistical information and may be adjusted by means of various filters to include only data for certain period of time, certain geographical area, certain types of incidents and so forth.

Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, C#.NET, .NET CLR, ADO.NET MS SQL Server.

DirectPrivacy - corporate database and intranet application.

Year: 2006
Purpose: Database and application assisting company's IT department in the maintenance of corporate policies for the handling of personal data.

Description: Intelligence-Soft programmers in collaboration with Italian software house Sviluppo Impresa developed and implemented web-based software applications intended for the protection and handling of personal information in accordance with EU directive 95/46/EC and Italian code DLG196/03. Intranet application screenshots

Application consists of:

MS SQL Server database that stores the indexes of all corpo- rate data sources (databases, files, documents) containing personal information and access policies to those data sources. Access policies include the lists of employees empowered to access personal data, password expiration policies and other information necessary to restrict an unauthorized usage of confidential data.

The set of data import modules necessary to collect data from various data sources into the application database. Application supports following types of data sources: text, CSV, XML or MS Excel files, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Informix, Gupta and may be easily connected with any data source supporting OLE DB or ODBC technology. Independence from the data source type allows to execute cross-database queries using the relations between the tables located in DBMS or files of different types.

Web interface that provides company employees with an access to the application database and supports six various user roles with different functionality and access rights.

Notification system to inform administrators, IT department personnel and other responsible employees about important events (like password lifetime expiration or similar) according to their roles in the system.

Reporting module that generates documents (in PDF format) required by the law.

Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, C#.NET, .NET CLR, DotNetNuke, ADO.NET, XML, Crystal Reports

Tour Operator Software System

Year: 2006
Purpose: Web-based software including tour reservation system and tour operator management and communication tools.

Description: System consists of the frontend for the clients ordering a tour, and the set of the management tools automating tour operator company business. Tour Operator Software screenshots System addresses all aspects of the business process from booking a tour to issue of visa invitation, travel voucher and other documents inherent for the tour industry.
Important feature of the system is its ability to handle not only predefined tours but also individually tailored custom tours. System supports e-mail communication between the tour operator company and its clients, web-based management of individual or group tours and automated generation of documents in PDF format. Software includes web-based user interface for the clients (integrated with operator company web site) and the set of management tools for operator company personnel.
Screenshots at the left demonstrate a few examples of management forms intended for the preparation of custom tour itineraries and schedules.

Programming languages and technologies used: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL

In addition to custom programming projects represented here you may take a look at the examples of web development projects represented at the portfolio page.

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