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Prolog programming language was originally designed to be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) language, and it is very well suited for expert systems, planning systems and similar AI applications. Frame or rule-based systems, forward or backward chaining, pattern matching and constraint-resolution systems; all are natural and elegant expressions of Prolog's underlying semantics.

The strength of Prolog extends far beyond the boundaries of AI. The high level of abstraction, the ease and simplicity with which complex data structures are represented lead to reduced development time and increased software product robustness. As a result the development cost of commercial software written in Prolog is usually lower and the quality of product is higher as compared with other programming languages.

Visual Prolog, developed by Danish company Prolog Development Center with INTELLIGENCE-SOFT participation, is the most powerful and effective Prolog programming tool. It meets the professional's demands for speed and performance, producing compact, fast and highly optimized native machine code.
Another great advantage of using Visual Prolog for commercial applications is portability between platforms. Today Visual Prolog supports DOS, MS Windows 16-bit and 32-bit, OS/2 and UNIX. It means that in many cases you need only to recompile your Windows application to get, for example, an OS/2 version looking (and working) exactly the same as original program.

Visual Prolog comes with interfaces to many popular native OS services and 3rd party packages like ODBC, DB/2 and Oracle DBMS, Windows Sockets, HTTP and FTP network protocols and many others.
Visual Prolog programs can be easily interfaced with the code from any other language. Not only can Visual Prolog call routines written in other languages, these routines can also call Visual Prolog predicates. This gives an opportunity to use any existing libraries and ready-to-use components or code inherited from old projects written in other languages.

Visit Visual Prolog WEB-site to find more information about this useful, convenient and efficient development tool.

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