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International standards in the field of Software Engineering

Russian offshore software development company Intelligence-Soft practises clearly defined software development procedures based upon the requirements of International standards. Generally accepted standards referring to the software development, testing and maintenance are listed below.

IEEE Std 610.12-1990, Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology

Identifies terms currently in use in the field of Software Engineering. Standard definitions for those terms are established.

IEEE Std 1233-1996, Guide for Developing of System Requirements Specifications

Guidance for the development of the set of requirements, System Requirements Specification, that will satisfy an expressed need is provided. Developing a SyRS includes the identification, organization, presentation, and modification of the requirements. Also addressed are the conditions for incorporating operational concepts, design constraints, and design configuration requirements into the specification. This guide also covers the necessary characteristics and qualities of individual requirements and the set of all requirements.

IEEE Std 1058.1-1987 (Reaff 1993), Standard for Software Project Management Plans

Specifies the format and contents of software project management plans.

IEEE Std 1074.1-1995, Guide for Developing Software Life Cycle Processes

The guide provides assistance with Software Life Cycle Model (SLCM) selection, Activity mapping, and management of a software Life Cycle (SLC).

IEEE Std 730.1-1995, Guide for Software Quality Assurance Plans

Approaches to good Software Quality Assurance practices in support of 730-1989, IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans, are identified. These practices are directed toward the development and maintenance of critical software, that is, where failure could impair safety or cause large financial losses.

IEEE Std 1008-1987 (Reaff 1993), Standard for Software Unit Testing

Describes a testing process composed of a hierarchy of phases, activities, and tasks. Further, it defines a minimum set of tasks for each activity and related documents.

IEEE Std 1063-1987 (Reaff 1993), Standard for Software User Documentation

Provides minimum requirements for the format, structure and information content of user documentation.

IEEE Std 1219-1992, Standard for Software Maintenance

Defines the procedures for the maintenance of software.

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