Project Management - Procedures and Warranties

Choosing Intelligence-Soft as your offshore software developer, you enter into a relationship based on honesty and cooperation. We conduct business professionally and promptly, with signed contracts, clearly defined development procedures, and warranties.

Development Procedures

To reach the project goal and deliver high quality software product, INTELLIGENCE-SOFT implemented quality assurance system. The system is based upon the requirements of international standards for software development and generally accepted best practices. It specifies the process of software development as a sequence of predefined stages. A typical project consists of the following stages:


Requirements Specification. The customer prepares requirements to the software product. Our development team explores document discussing indistinct items with customer if necessary. Final result of the stage is Requirements Specification approved by both sides.


Design Specification. INTELLIGENCE-SOFT prepares a detailed Design Specification for approval by the customer.


Coding and Debugging. Programmers write the code and debug the product.


Test Specification and Testing. Our engineers prepare the Test Plan. Customer approves the document. Before the software is delivered to the customer, team of experienced testers qualifies the software using the test plan.


Technical/User Documentation and Help System. If necessary, INTELLIGENCE-SOFT prepares Technical/User Documents and Help System agreed with customer.


Delivery, Installation and User training. On request we are ready to install the product at customer's site and provide the training for end-users.


Maintenance and support. If agreed with customer, Intelligence-Soft provides maintenance and support during entire lifecycle of the product.

The description above is only an outline of the process. Depending upon the individuality of the project and customer's wishes, some of the mentioned stages may be missed or new stages may be added.

The quality assurance system also specifies contents and forms of documents to be developed at each stage of the project.

The most common documents are:

Software Requirements Specification
Software Design Specification
Software Development Plan
Software Design Description
Software Test Specification

If the customer wishes us to follow specific standards preparing documents (for example, his corporative standards), we are always ready to meet such demands.


We are doing our best to avoid programming errors in products delivered to our customers. However, everybody familiar with software development practice knows that from time to time bugs appear even in the highest quality products. INTELLIGENCE-SOFT underwrites to fix promptly and free of charge all errors and deviations from agreed specification found within the guarantee period.

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